NAGT Tour Policies


The North American Golf Tour (NAGT) is open to all players of all skill levels that can provide a verifiable handicap index. If a player does not have an established index, they must submit a minimum of 6 scorecards to form a temporary index. A league handicap index may or may not be acceptable depending on the method used to arrive at the index.



Membership rate $40. Membership is for a full calendar year and will begin on the day of registration. Players can join from the main website or by contacting a Director at 



If a Member decides to cancel their membership, they must do so within 1 week of the original registration to receive a full refund. A 50% refund will be given after the first week up to a month from the original registration date. During the one month period, a player may compete in a maximum of 1 tournament and still qualify for a refund.No Membership Refund will be awarded after the one month period or once a player has competed in two or more tournaments.



  • NAGT Tour Hat

  • $25 Tap House Grill Gift Card

  • Player of the Year Honors (Trophy, Prize and FREE Membership to the winner)


  • Are welcomed and may participate in NAGT Tournament(s)

  • Not eligible to participate in prize pool or hole-in-one

  • Non-Members can participate in Skins and Quota game (MUST have a verifiable USGA handicap or equivalent)



By signing or electronically submitting a member application and entering and playing in a North American Golf Tour “Event”, the participant understands and agrees that there are certain dangers involved with the participation in a golf tournament. Including but not limited to being struck by lightning, getting hit by a golf club or ball, suffering from heat exhaustion, heart attack or injury from uneven terrain, all of for which risks participant assumes and solely accepts, and waives all claims of injury to body or property against North American Golf Tour, North American Golf Tour LLC and/or the Local Tour Directors. Further, the participant agrees that while on the premises of an “Event” hosted by North American Golf Tour, as well as all other presenting sponsors, co-sponsors and representatives affiliated with the “Event”, the participant, and any guest, relative or anyone else affiliated with the participant, shall be present at their own risk and that North American Golf Tour, North American Golf Tour LLC and/or its Tour Directors shall not be liable for any claims for injuries or damages whatsoever to person or property of the participant or related person arising out of or in connection with the participation in the “Event” or presence at the “Event”. Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless North American Golf Tour, North American Golf Tour LLC and/or its Tour Directors from all claims by or liability to participant or affiliated person.



All tournaments are stroke play, 18 hole events EXCEPT for the Chicago Championship which is 36 holes played over two days. Each tournament will consist of 5 Flights (4 Gross Score flights for handicaps 0-15.9 and 1 Net Score Flight for handicaps 16 – 25.9).Each Flight must consist of at least 6 players. IF a flight is shy the required number of players, the committee reserves the right to combine flights when necessary to create a Every attempt will be made to ensure when flights need to be combined, players will be grouped fairly to avoid large variances in handicap ranges within the flight.All tournaments are governed by the current USGA Rules of Golf.The Committee reserves the right to include special rules designed to improve Pace of Play or address course conditions that affect the quality of play.



The NAGT will be divided into 5 flights. The first 4 flights will play using GROSS scoring against players in their own flight. The fifth flight will play using NET scoring all the time. The flights will be divided as follows:

  • Championship Flight      0 - 3.9

  • Masters Flight              4.0 - 7.9

  • Players Flight               8.0-11.9

  • Ryder Flight               12.0-15.9

  • Wanamaker Flight      16.0-25.9


Players above a 25.9 handicap index are still welcome to play, but they will only receive strokes for a 25.9 handicap index. NO ONE will be allowed to play more than 1 flight higher than their lowest verifiable index.


Players will initially be placed in a flight based on their verifiable handicap index. As players turn in more tournament scores, they will develop a Tour Index. A minimum of four scores will be needed to establish a Tour Index. Only NAGT events will factor into a player’s Tour Index. The NAGT will use the 10 best differentials of the last 20 NAGT tournament rounds played to determine a handicap index. Scores will be carried over from one year to the next. If a player has less than 20 NAGT tournament rounds, the following numbers will be used to calculate the handicap index:

4 Scores------------------------Lowest Index Differential

5 scores------------------------Best 2

6 or 7 scores------------------Best 3

8 or 9 scores------------------Best 4

10 or 11 scores---------------Best 5

12 or 13 scores---------------Best 6

14 or 15 scores---------------Best 7

16 or 17 scores---------------Best 8

18 or 19 scores---------------Best 9

20 scores----------------------Best 10

Handicaps will be updated every week to most accurately reflect a player’s current performance. The most current revision will determine a player’s placement with respect to flight. It will be possible to play in different flights from week to week. The movements will be automatic unless a player requests to remain in the lower flight. Should a player move to a lower flight after a revision, they will be moved automatically. NAGT Directors reserve the right to re-flight any player at any time. Final decisions on re-flighting are at the discretion of the National Directors only. Local Tour Directors may have input that may affect a decision, but the final decision will come from the National level.



A player is designated to a flight based on their handicap index. Their respective flight contains players of the same playing ability. A handicap index is a measure of a player’s POTENTIAL to score. It is not their average score. From time to time, players have an exceptional round. Any player who records a single round score that is 4 or more strokes lower than the lowest threshold of their flight (5 or more for the Wanamaker flight) will be subject for a review. Tour Directors and/or National Directors may use a player’s performance history on tour or any other source to determine if this was just an exceptional round or if the player’s ability has grown to exceed the general ability of their flight. Tour Directors reserve the right to make an immediate change.


For exceptional scoring in the National Championship, a committee of Local and National Directors will review the occurrence. The committee may determine that a player did indeed have an exceptional round and that no further action is needed. The committee may determine that a player has exceeded the general ability of their flight and will be moved up to the proper flight with a two stroke penalty. The player will still be allowed to finish the event in their new flight and would be eligible to receive all prizes. The committee may determine that a player has negligently misrepresented their handicap index or manipulated their NAGT index resulting in improper flighting and not representative of their ability. The penalty for this offense will be disqualification.




Golfer’s age 60+ will play from a yardage of 5,900 – 6,200 yards.In most cases that would be the White Tees.WE DO NOT use the Senior Tees if a course offers a course set up specifically for Senior’s.



Players are required to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. We are guests of a facility and need to act that way. Unacceptable forms of behavior include abusive or foul language, excessive use of alcohol, illicit drug use, fighting, club throwing, badgering, aggressive or bullying behavior, poor golf etiquette or disrespect to another contestant, NAGT director or host course employee. The NAGT reserves the right to penalize, suspend or revoke the playing privileges of any player deemed to be guilty of conduct unbecoming.



The NAGT strictly enforces a dress code which prohibits any jeans, denims, jogging outfits or sweat pants. Men will wear collared shirts or mock neck shirts. Women are permitted to wear sleeveless shirts but not tank tops. Shorts are permitted for everyone. Many players like to wear hats. In the clubhouse area, including patios, we ask that players wear their hats in the bill forward position or remove them.




The NAGT welcomes both spectators and caddies, providing that the golf course permits them. Both spectators and caddies are the responsibility of the contestant and are expected to adhere to tour policy rules with regard to dress code and conduct. Any breach by either a spectator or a caddie puts their player at risk of penalty or disqualification. The golf course may require a waiver of liability for either. Spectators are required to not interfere with play of any group and display proper golf etiquette. Caddies may not cause undue delay and must display proper golf etiquette. A player with a caddie that is lagging behind will be asked to ride in a cart until they are back into position. Players are encouraged to call the course and ask about the caddie/spectator policy before the day of the event. Spectators and caddies are at their own risk at all NAGT events. Guidelines can be found in Tour Policies number 6, under Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability.



The NAGT will always make every effort to play an event in full. Conditions may sometimes prohibit that from happening. If the course staff deems that the course is playable, we will be playing. Play may be suspended or delayed one or more times. Players should remain at the course and be ready to start/continue play when the course staff announces that play will resume.


If the event gets canceled before any players tee off, an attempt to reschedule will follow soon after and the new date will be announced. Entry fees will be transferred to the new event for those that can play. Entry fees will be forwarded to another event if the date of the rescheduled event is conflicting. Entry for the make-up date will be assumed unless the player informs the NAGT that they cannot play. Notice should be given in writing to protect the player.


In the event a one day event becomes shortened, it is possible that the event may be rescheduled, course permitting. It is also possible that the event may become official if everyone in a flight has played at least 9 holes. The event will be shortened to the most number of holes that the last group in the flight has played.


Any multi-day event may be shortened to 18 holes and be official. Rest assured, the NAGT and the tournament committee will do everything in its power to play all the holes. In any instance, no refunds will be issued, but the committee may issue compensation for golf not played if the host course issues it.



The NAGT created the Player of the Year (POY) for the Member who demonstrated season long consistency and overall good golf. Players will accumulate POY points from the following categories: (1) (2) - points are increased in increments of 10 beginning with the last position(3) . Should there be a playoff for first place; the playoff loser(s) would receive 25 points. Performance Points and Money Points are ONLY accumulated in LOCAL events. Chicago Championship will be worth DOUBLE Points.


The POY will receive FREE Membership and prizes to be determined. The NAGT Directors reserve the right to make any changes, mid-season if necessary, to maintain fairness to everyone.



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