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Tournament Fees

Tournament fees include prize pool, trophy, administration costs, greens fee, cart and range.  

Tournament Format

  • Single day 18 hole tournaments

  • All tournaments are governed by the most current version of the USGA Rules of Golf with a few committee added rules designed to help with pace of play.

  • Five Flights: 6 player minimum required to make a stand alone flight.

  • Gross Score within the following Flights: Championship, Masters, Players and Ryder flight

  • Net Score in the Wanamaker Flight 

  • IF there are less than 6 players to form a stand alone flight, NAGT reserves the right to combine players to form a Net Score Flight based on total participation.  

  • Players will be placed in a flight determined by a verifiable handicap index or temporary index based on information gathered from the player.

  • Players establish an NAGT Tour Index once they have competed in 4 NAGT rounds which supersedes any other established index. NAGT Tour index is updated weekly and players will be flighted based on the most recent update.

  • The table above outlines the flights, handicap range and approximate yardages for the flights. 

USGC Logo Lockup-2 (2).png

Optional Cash Games

Players have the option to buy into all, some or none of the cash games.  All cash winnings will be paid out same day.  100% of the money collected for the cash games is paid out to the winners.  

NOTE: Non-Members can ONLY participate in Skins, Closest to the Pin and Quota. We will refund the $15 Prize pool money at tournament check in or credit it toward the cash games.


Prize Pool by Flight (included in tournament fee $15)

  • Top 30% (rounded) within each flight get paid.

  • Amateur status - Payouts will be a Gift Card (4-6 card options to choose from).  Maximum payout to winners is $750 in Gift Card or Prizes.

  • Non-Amateur status -(NO maximum Payout) players who wish to be paid in CASH would lose their Amateur status. 


Gross/Net Skins Buy-in:

  • $20 Local events, $40 NAGT Championship with payouts per day.

  • Half of the pot goes to each game (Gross & Net). Buy in is for both games and you do not have the option to opt out of one or the other.  Every player has the opportunity to win in both games. No carry overs.

  • If no skin is won in either or both games, we will hold a raffle drawing for each game. All names will be in a drawing and the number of names drawn will be 15% of the field (ex. 40 players we will draw 6 names each would earn an equal share of the pot)

  • CASH payout - does not affect Amateur status


Quota Game Buy-in:

Players score points per hole using a Stableford point system (point values assigned by NAGT).  A player's Quota is determined by subtracting a player's Course Handicap (CH) from 36 points (Ex: Player's index produces a 14 CH (36 - 14 CH = 22 which represents the Player's Quota). Goal is to score points per hole to equal to or surpass the Player's quota.

  • $20 Local events, $40 Majors & Championship

  • Payouts - Players who hit or surpass their Quota earn a share of the total pot and an additional share for each point scored over quota up to a max of 3 points (Ex: Player "A" quota is 22 and scores exactly 22 points earning One Share of the pot.  Player "B" quota is 10 and scores 12 pts. earning 3 Shares of the pot.  The total Shares earned is 4.  $200 pool - Player "A" wins $50 and Player "B" wins $150).

  • IF only one player hits Quota, they win the whole pot.

  • IF no one hits quota, then the top 25% (rounded) who are closest to their quota will earn a share of the pot based on where they finish.

  • CASH payout - does not affect Amateur status


Closest to the Pin Buy-in:

The maximum number of par threes used will be four: 2 front/2 back)

  • $10 Local events

  • $20 NAGT Championship (36 Hole event)

  • CASH payout - does not affect Amateur status


  • $3 Local Events, $6 NAGT Championship


  • CASH payout - does not affect Amateur status